There are two rules.
1. No rules
2. Straight Edge
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Some pervert took a photo of me grocery shopping in a regular fucking skirt and put it on his "revenge candids" tumblr. Because I was slightly bending over to reach something, it's pornographic. It's full of other people in our area, including upskirts. Are there any laws protecting me what can I possibly do? I feel so unsafe.



A phone-call to a lawyer (beats a call to the police) couldn’t hurt, but based on what I’ve read you don’t have much legal recourse to stop this dude. 

You can, however, call Jami and Joe of Code Orange Kids who have been actively hunting the ‘Speedo Guy’ -a local weirdo they claim peeps on women- with the aim of extracting street justice. They’d probably beat this camera guy for you. 

street justice